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We had a wonderful experience! Our cleaner was extremely thorough and super pleasant. My husband and I have our hands full with a toddler and I’m pregnant with our second child, so it really made our day to have our home looking {and smelling} so fresh and clean! – Caitlyn | Jersey City, NJ

The cleaners outdid themselves today! They took extra care, dusted and organized shelves, and made everything beautiful. I’m the only woman in this house of men (except for the cat and a dog!) and I feel like the cleaners are my private army! Thanks so very much. -Nadezhda | New York, NY

I am so grateful to have had Peace & Clean at our house this morning. The cleaner thoroughly cleaned all the rooms in our house ensuring everything was spic and span from the floors to the windows and everything else. It is obvious that she values her work and wants to ensure that she does a job well done. It was especially nice to see her genuine concern in keeping a very clean home for my young daughter. She is a hard worker and a very nice lady. I am looking forward to her next visit. I already booked my next appointment! – Christina | Hoboken, NJ

My cleaners are always wonderful!! They go the extra mile and it’s much appreciated! – Nadia | Livingston, NJ

Our cleaner did such an amazing job cleaning our house! We just moved a few weeks ago and when she comes everything is so much better! We thank God for her!! – Elizabeth | Jersey City, NJ


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