Client Agreement

Client Agreement

Please read Peace & Clean’s policies below, and sign and date the bottom of this Client Agreement to acknowledge your agreement. You must complete this form before receiving cleaning services.



The following areas will be serviced by our Cleaning Consultants during your visit. Additional cleaning services by request and areas not included are noted below.

Bedrooms & General Living Areas:

  • Dust furniture, furnishings & window sills
  • Clean Floors
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Doors, frames, window frames, light fixtures, vents, fans, & baseboards as needed
  • Spot clean walls as needed


  • Clean counters, sinks/stove tops, tables & small appliances
  • Wipe down face of dishwasher, refrigerator, oven doors
  • Cabinets (outside only)
  • Doors, frames, window frames, light fixtures, vents, fans, & baseboards as needed
  • Spot clean walls as needed


  • Thoroughly clean counters, toilets, sinks and bathtub/shower
  • Clean floors
  • Cabinets (outside only)
  • Doors, frames, window frames, light fixtures (with step stool provided), vents, fans, & baseboards as needed
  • Spot clean walls as needed

Areas by Request (you must note in your online booking or alert booking agent if you would like any of the following additional services)

  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside refrigerator
  • Inside oven
  • Ceiling fans
  • Interior window panes

Areas Not Included: (For safety reasons, we cannot service these areas/items)

  • Homes that have been infested with bed bugs.
  • Use of ladders higher than 3 feet.
  • Cleaning of cat litter boxes or pet feces.
  • Cleaning of fireplaces.
  • Stepping on kitchen counters to clean the top of cabinets.
  • Lifting or moving of heavy items.
  • Cleaning inside of toilets without a proper toilette brush (toilet brushes must be provided by client).



Arrival Time: There are two daily shifts for cleanings: the morning shift starts at 8:30AM and the afternoon shift starts between 12:30-2:30 PM. There is a 60-minute arrival window for all cleaning services to allow for traffic, parking and other unforseen delays.

Bleach and Non-Eco Friendly Products: We are a Green Clean Certified company, and do not use bleach in any cleaning appointments. If you require bleach to be used, you must supply Peace & Clean with a certified non-toxic bleach or bleach alternative.

Payment: Peace & Clean only accepts payment via credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Credit cards are provided by the Client at the time of booking, and charged once service is complete, usually within 1-3 business days. By completing the agreement form you authorize Peace & Clean to charge your card for the billed amount on the invoice after your cleaning has been completed each time we service your home.

Cancellations: Appointments canceled less than 48 hours before the start time will be assessed a $35 cancellation fee. This also applies to homes we are unable to service to because no mode of entry was provided (i.e. key, neighbor).

Unsatisfactory Service:If you are unsatisfied with your cleaning, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving service and we will perform a re-clean at no additional charge. Before the re-clean is performed, a Quality Manager may visit the residence and conduct a brief inspection. Do not re-clean the home or area yourself before the Manager arrives. Please note that refunds cannot be given.

Papers: Our Cleaning Consultants are trained not to touch potentially sensitive documents. Please clear papers from work spaces prior to cleaning.

Safety Policy: We look out for the safety of our staff employees and will remove a Cleaning Consultant from any job that is hazardous to their health, such as interaction with bodily fluids, pet accidents, or infestations. In addition, Cleaning Consultants are instructed not to climb ladders over 3 feet tall, stand on furniture, or lift heavy objects.

Alarms: Please disarm your alarm system prior to your cleaning appointment. Peace & Clean cannot he held responsible for 'tripped' alarm systems when entering an apartment. If you would like the alarm system activated before we leave the premises, please email detailed instructions to

Losses & Damages: If any entrance ways or doors to the client's residence have been left open prior to Peace & Clean's arrival, we will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged items. Our employees treat all homes with respect and should they have an accident while on the job, our office will notify you immediately with details about the damaged item. Should you find a damaged item after your cleaning appointment and no notification was provided by Peace & Clean, please alert us immediately. It is important that damaged items are not thrown out, as we may need to take pictures for insurance purposes. Peace & Clean is only liable for losses or damages reported within 48 hours of your cleaning appointment, and that we can physically inspect. If you have delicate or valuable items you wish to be excluded for a cleaning appointment, please alert us when booking your appointment.

Move-in & Move-out Cleanings: During move-in and move-out cleanings, our Cleaning Consultants are not authorized to unwrap or set-up any furniture. Moving furniture is strictly prohibited and we cannot perform this task.

Our Cleaning Consultants may not be contracted or employed by you or your affiliates for services of any kind outside of our standard cleaning agreement. A breach of this agreement will result in litigation to recover damages suffered by Peace & Clean, with the client responsible for all legal costs and expenses, including attorney fees. Please beware of solicitations from any previous employees of Peace & Clean, as they are not insured and pose a financial liability to you as a homeowner.

If you would like to hire or contract one of our workers to work independently for you or your affiliates, you must submit a written request to Peace & Clean. If approved, you must pay a $2,500 referral fee. Once paid, the employee will be able to work independently for you or your affiliates.

Please beware of solicitations from any previous employees of Peace & Clean, as they are not insured and pose a financial liability to you as a homeowner.

By typing your name below, you agree that you have read and fully understand all terms included in the Peace & Clean Service Agreement. This signature will serve as an original signature on this document.

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Some clients prefer to provide their own toilet scrubber and bathroom sponge. Please leave these items in plain view for your Cleaner. Otherwise, we will use our own supplies.

I will provide my own Bathroom Sponge.Please supply this item for me.

I will provide my own Toilet Scrubber.Please supply this item for me.


Cleaning Consultants do not carry vacuums from home to home. If you have a vacuum and would like us to use it when cleaning, please leave it in plain view for your Cleaner.