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Searching for cleaning jobs in Jersey City, NYC, Hoboken, Fort Lee, Edgewater and other nearby cities? We’re hiring! Peace & Clean’s Green Cleaning Consultants provide high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning services to clients throughout the New York and New Jersey area. Each day you will work with safe, green cleaning products, essential oils, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. You will perform a Variety of Tasks related to green cleaning and aromatherapy cleaning services.

Green Cleaning Consultants travel to homes in the New York and New Jersey area via public transportation or their own vehicles. It is not required that all consultants travel to all areas. For example, you may choose to just service Jersey City. Please note however, the more range you have, the more clients you can service!

Our goal is to create clean, healthy, and peaceful homes, and we offer cleaning jobs that provide a clean, healthy and and peaceful work experience! Our team members are treated with the utmost respect and care.

The following FAQ will help answer questions about the role of a Green Cleaning Consultant. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

What is your rate of pay?
Wages are based on seniority and performance. We will discuss ranges to you during your interview, however please note that Peace & Clean’s compensation is higher than industry-standard. Further, Green Cleaning Consultants who meet certain requirements (length of employment time, number of steady clients) will receive commissions of up to 10% per cleaning.

Do Green Cleaning Consultants have to speak English?
Yes, everyone on our team must be proficient in both speaking and understanding English. We also offer English language learning classes to team members who need further development.

Do you provide transportation to appointments?
No, all employees are responsible for getting to their scheduled appointments via private vehicle or public transportation.

Do you reimburse transportation costs?
Senior Cleaning Consultants are eligible to receive a transportation stipend. To be a Senior Cleaning Consultant, you must be with Peace & Clean for a minimum of six months.

What is your vacation/time-off policy?
Senior Cleaning Consultants are eligible for 2 weeks (unpaid) vacation and 3 paid sick days each year. To be a Senior Cleaning Consultant, you must be with Peace & Clean for a minimum of six months.

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If you witnessed a fellow employee stealing while at a client’s home, how would you handle it?